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Commercial signs, flagpoles, and even ornamental plants tend to have a thing in common. They all can benefit greatly from the addition of an illuminated floodlight. Anyone who wants to fly a flag in the evening is expected to illuminate the flagpole and pole by using an illuminated floodlight. In addition, many storefronts and signs are not visible in the dark without the help of a floodlight too. The issue is that it can be difficult to bring the wires needed for a fixture in the spot where it is required. For instance, the commercial sign that is placed at the front of a commercial establishment might have a vast expanse of parking and driveway that must be dug to supply sufficient and safe electricity.

Do we have a solution? Fortunately, solar technology has developed to the point where solarĀ  Floodlights and high mast projector lamps are now widely and easily accessible. Although some customers might not believe that solar lighting has the same capabilities as hardwired fixtures, the truth is that they’re incredibly competitive with conventional fluorescent bulbs, and have the benefit of having a longer lifespan. This is because solar floodlights are powered by LED bulbs that are not prone to burning out and require maintenance once every few years rather than every couple of months.


The modern solar floodlights are available in both single and multiple bulb designs, which means they can be utilized in an ornamental or functional way. For example, an island within the parking space or drive can be illuminated by one single one or two bulb floodlights to create the most attractive look. The identical light with a three- or four-bulb fixture could also be used to provide security in the dark area of the backyard of a homeowner or as a flagpole light. A few stadiums and horses riding rings started to utilize the stunning illumination that solar floodlights could offer.