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When it comes to choosing a printing company there are several things to be considered, the first thing is whether you want to use an online company or one with premises near you. There are some other important things to be considered like cost, method, and reputation.

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Online or local?

Online printers are often cheaper than local printers, simply because their overheads are lower. This is, of course, an important consideration. Delivery times are also worth considering – if you’re in a rush then your local printer might be the better option, though you can order 24 hours a day with an online printer. They both have their advantages, so you can choose any of them according to your needs.

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What are you printing?

This is very important. You want to find a printing company that has the experience to do what you need. Getting business cards or business stationery printed is very different from getting a photograph book, calendar or book printed. Bear all this in mind when you’re choosing your printer and try to find one that specializes in exactly the type you need.

Check out their reputation

As with any kind of business, one that has been in business for a long time or receives fantastic feedback from its customers is doing something right. So check out the online reviews of the printing companies you have shortlisted and, if they are a local company, ask around the people you know who might have used them in the past.


Like any other project, you must think about the budget of the assignment. Having several choices will help you compare prices and get the best possible deal.  This means it is easier to pick the most convenient way to get these items printed.

I will take some time to choose the right printing company. But once you have it is highly likely they will be your choice for a long time so it’s worth putting in the effort now.